About us

We are all handicapped spiritually because we’re not perfect and all have fallen short… no one is good, not even one, all have sinned come short of the glory and perfect holy God.. but only through the grace of Jesus Christ can we find hope. It is a choice to be part of the bigger picture that God has designed for you. Dr Tyler Sexton knows this all too well. He was born with CP Cerebral Palsy and through his loving parents working in his life to encourage him and his faith in Jesus Christ, Dr Sexton has overcome major obstacles in his personal life and wants to give that same hope to others. Dr Sexton formed a non profit group to help the people in need medically and spiritually on the island of Grenada and eventually the entire Caribbean thereafter. “I rather walk with a limp than a strut.” Says Dr Sexton. Pointing how God will humble us to understand that His grace is sufficient. He likes to be called Tyler in person by the way. Please consider to join up with Dr Tyler and his team as the Lord convicts your heart. We’re made to worship one God and have a real relationship by helping others realize there’s hope. God Bless you

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